Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am: Pregnant!

I think: we are having a girl?

I know: I need to be more active

I want: to finally hear back about our house

I have: a temple recommend!

I wish: my family lived closer

I hate: washing dishes

I miss: the beach

I fear: not accomplishing my goals

I feel: very supported

I hear: fans,

I smell: any thing and everything, Super Nose!

I crave: Food, I've lost fifteen pounds in my first trimester

I search:for peace of mind

I wonder: what my baby will look like

I regret: stuff I did as a dumb teenager.

I love: My husband, our baby, the Temple

I care: about the wefare of my siblings

I always: take my prenatal, b-6 vitamin, unisom right before bed

I am not: ever happy with my body.

I believe: in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost

I dance: rarely

I sing: in the car, when I'm alone

I dont always: like attention, I want to be alone with my thoughts

I fight: for what I know is right

I write: all the checks

I lose: weight almost every day. Come on second trimester

I win: most arguments, according to me

I never:went on a roller coaster until I was 18

I listen: to my mothers advice

I can usually be found: in my pjs

I am scared: i'll be this sick with my second baby

I need: to give more attention to my birds

I am happy about: the fact that my second trimester starts begining of August!

I tag: Laura Player

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The Players said...

Thaks for tagging me. I love your lay super cute!