Thursday, July 24, 2008

Since Lauren forced a Tag on me, I'd better update you all on everything thats happened in the last couple months. Michael and I were sealed in the Mesa, Az Temple on May17, 2008 (my sister Crystal's B-Day- Happy Birthday Crystal!) We had a great Photographer, I'll put up pictures and his link later. Michael and I went on a Aniversary trip a week later to Scottsdale Villa Mirage Resort. Tons of fun and relaxation, we ended up buying timeshare! When we came home i immediately had to pack for girls camp( I was set apart as Beehive's advisor not to long before our trip) First week in June was girls camp, it was cold and I was sick most of the time. Michael and I were planning on getting pregnant soon after we got sealed, and it looks like it happened on the first try. We will be 11weeks on Saturday, we are due Feb21st.

I have been very sick this first trimester, I've lost fifteen pounds. I just counting the days and hopeing for relief with my second trimester.

I am: Pregnant!

I think: we are having a girl?

I know: I need to be more active

I want: to finally hear back about our house

I have: a temple recommend!

I wish: my family lived closer

I hate: washing dishes

I miss: the beach

I fear: not accomplishing my goals

I feel: very supported

I hear: fans,

I smell: any thing and everything, Super Nose!

I crave: Food, I've lost fifteen pounds in my first trimester

I search:for peace of mind

I wonder: what my baby will look like

I regret: stuff I did as a dumb teenager.

I love: My husband, our baby, the Temple

I care: about the wefare of my siblings

I always: take my prenatal, b-6 vitamin, unisom right before bed

I am not: ever happy with my body.

I believe: in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost

I dance: rarely

I sing: in the car, when I'm alone

I dont always: like attention, I want to be alone with my thoughts

I fight: for what I know is right

I write: all the checks

I lose: weight almost every day. Come on second trimester

I win: most arguments, according to me

I never:went on a roller coaster until I was 18

I listen: to my mothers advice

I can usually be found: in my pjs

I am scared: i'll be this sick with my second baby

I need: to give more attention to my birds

I am happy about: the fact that my second trimester starts begining of August!

I tag: Laura Player

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It wasn't just Mother's Day on Sunday, It was our 1 year aniversary! So as tradition goes, out comes the year old freezer cake! It smelled so good, who ever wrapped it up for us did a good job (it was tough to get into.) And yes, the fish are still alive!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This year has been so exciting. Michael and I are coming up on one year of marrige. We are getting sealed in less than three weeks, and my mother gets to be my chaparrone. We are narrowing down a house, after many have come out from under us. We just had a hugh family night where all the Williams family(17) plus Kenna, went to a steak house and to Jesterz Improv. So fun! We just got a new bird, Piper. It's only April, more than half of there year to go, I'm excited to see what's in store.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
Michael took me to this amazing Victorian Bed and Breakfast up in Pine on Friday. Our plans the next day were to tour some old houses of the pioneers who settled Pine.

The room was gorgeous, the bed was so tall I had to jump to get on.

On our way home we took the senic route, HWY 188. We stopped at Rosevelte Lake and Dam. First we had to cross over this hugh bridge, and then hike up a hugh mountain to get to the dam.

I thought for sure we were on our way home, but we saw a sign for "Tonto National Monument", so we decided to stop and see what it was. Cliff Dwellings! 1/2mile hike straight up the mountain and we were there, walking around where people lived in the 1300s.